This abandoned building literally became the soundtrack to a horror movie (Video)


When discussing musical scores from films many are familiar with the work of John Williams (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jaws) or Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Inception, True Romance). Headline composers like these have created some of the most memorable and beloved cinematic themes of all time. However, almost every film, including independent ones, is aided by the work of a composer to bring the story to life. Modern technology and new approaches to composing have made room for a new generation of composers able to work outside of the traditional full symphonic score. Adrian Ellis is one of these people.

Adrian is a Canadian film and television composer whose work includes the popular web series Out With Dad, genre films such as Definition of Fear and Red Spring, as well as huge orchestral cues for the Canadian Football League and International Hockey. His music has earned him nominations and awards from film festivals across North America.

In 2014, Ellis signed on to create music for the indie thriller The Scarehouse (Universal). A tale of revenge amongst former college friends, set entirely in a haunted house attraction, the film called for constant tension and horror; relying heavily on the composer to drive these elements into the heart of the viewer. Writer/Director Gavin Michael Booth, who has now collaborated with Ellis on several projects, had this to say regarding Adrian’s approach to composition. “Adrian’s score on it’s own is chilling. Blended into the finished film it becomes the unnerving glue holding audiences’ attention and tension. His use of themes to represent two sides of the characters was beyond what I could have perceived in my imagination. Even in early discussions Adrian’s grasp of storytelling made me better understand my own film and the best way to reveal key twists.”

Celebrating the Bluray release of The Scarehouse, one of the disc’s special features has been released, spotlighting how Ellis utilized the film’s location and lead actors as unique layers of sound in his hybrid score. “Making The Score” goes step by step with Ellis and shows how a film score is created, why certain instruments are chosen and how music relates to the film’s storytelling approach. It is a much watch for movie fans and cinema soundtrack fans alike.

Making The Score:

Also included on The Scarehouse Bluray is another Adrian Ellis related feature – the “Clapboard Remix”, in which Ellis has remixed a track from the score with the classic movie set sound of the clapboard slate.

Clapboard Remix:

The Scarehouse stars Sarah Booth (American Horror Story, Law & Order SVU), Katherine Barrell (Wynonna Earp, CBC’s Working Moms) and Kimberly-Sue Murray (Crimson Peak). The film was Best Feature at the New York City Film Festival and Top 5 Box Office in Canada during its opening weekend. Since then the film has enjoyed theatrical and digital release in various international markets including the USA, UK, Germany, Philippines, Japan and more. The Scarehouse Bluray is available for purchase on Amazon.

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